Fabric cutting and ironing station (Ikea Hack)

finished table with cutting and ironing tools

I've been reading lots of sewing books lately, and one common theme is to have a cutting station that's counter-height to ease back strain. This makes sense -- my back has been pretty achy from leaning over my desk to cut fabric. And my ironing board is rather wobbly and really un-fun to use, so I wanted… Continue reading Fabric cutting and ironing station (Ikea Hack)

Seasoning the cast iron skillets

Seasoned cast iron skillet

We bought two cast iron skillets for camping a few years back, and I had basically relegated them to "not good enough for the kitchen", except for cooking homemade corn tortillas. But then I got a double-burner griddle which took over tortilla duty. During a kitchen deep-clean last week (which started with an oven window that was… Continue reading Seasoning the cast iron skillets