Daily art – The 100 Day Project, set 3

from Instagram: Days 33-48 of #the100dayproject⠀
#patternaday #penandink #watercolor #gouache #acrylicpaint #sketchbook http://ift.tt/2vWuz2v

Sketching the City in Pen, Ink, and Watercolor

from Instagram: My latest @becraftsy class got a lot more complex than the landscapes class! @sharisketcher shares an excellent tip to slightly change the color as you paint across an area for interest. Sometimes it’s a little cooler or warmer, darker or lighter. http://ift.tt/2t9Gi8g

Daily art – botanical studies journal spread

from Instagram: Experimenting with a tall and narrow format in this sketchbook spread. The designer in me likes to have constraints, even self-imposed ones 😛 http://ift.tt/2rNjFIC

Daily art – dainty floral wreath

from Instagram: Enjoying the therapeutic qualities of marching little watercolor leaves and flowers around a circle. #watercolorwreath #watercolorflowers #watercolor #illustration #coldpress #danielsmith http://ift.tt/2nxcZg5

Daily art – blouse design

from Instagram: After an intense week of working on my sloper, I’m ready to start making this top. I’m hoping it has a good balance of structured lines and details + comfort. Gotta have comfort. http://ift.tt/2m9D59c

Daily art – classic sweaters

from Instagram: I’m trying to work more color into my wardrobe, and a deep green is one I’d love to try. But I still want my Breton stripes, too ❤

#sketch #watercolor #inkandwatercolor #drawing #draw #drawingoftheday #illustration #hotpress #danielsmith #fashionillustration http://ift.tt/2kf3v3O

Daily art – classic penny loafers

from Instagram: Sketch from a photo I discovered of classic penny loafers. If I did this sketch again, I’d change those shadows under the toes…good lesson on remembering to use artistic license to capture the feeling of the image without being too literal! But I’m getting better about leaving light areas for depth and contrast. http://ift.tt/2lwE6nS

Daily art – JCrew blazer and Breton tee

from Instagram: I want all the J.Crew things.⠀

#jcrew #fashionillustration #sketch #watercolor #inkandwatercolor #drawing #draw #drawingoftheday #illustration #coldpress #danielsmith http://ift.tt/2llKXjq

Daily art – pumpernickel sandwich

from Instagram: It’s always a good day when the @kingarthurflour catalog arrives. This sandwich on pumpernickel caught my eye as a fun sketching subject — or eating subject for that matter! http://ift.tt/2jPyJis