Daily art – eucalyptus and white rose wreath

from Instagram: Art day with @mbalkon ❤️ Left us both kinda saying “why don’t we paint every day?!” #watercolor #sketchbook #watercolorwreath #danielsmith

Zippered battery pouch: like a fanny pack, but sleeker

from Instagram: I had fun making this custom project for my neighbor. He loves location-based gaming and needed a slim, belted pouch to hold his @anker_official portable charger. Like a fanny pack, but not so fanny pack-like 😛 My new machine sewed the ballistic nylon fabric like a dream ❤️

Sewing a case for my new essential oils collection

from Instagram: A bonus of jumping on the essential oils bandwagon: I get to sew a storage case for them! I’ve had this triangle print fabric forever, but never knew what to do with it. And 3000 meters of jeans gold thread, so… denim. I can’t wait to get started on the #CrimsonandCloverTrainCase pattern by @sewsweetness that these little bins will nest in.

Daily art – dainty floral wreath

from Instagram: Enjoying the therapeutic qualities of marching little watercolor leaves and flowers around a circle. #watercolorwreath #watercolorflowers #watercolor #illustration #coldpress #danielsmith

Daily art – blouse design

from Instagram: After an intense week of working on my sloper, I’m ready to start making this top. I’m hoping it has a good balance of structured lines and details + comfort. Gotta have comfort.

Daily art – classic sweaters

from Instagram: I’m trying to work more color into my wardrobe, and a deep green is one I’d love to try. But I still want my Breton stripes, too ❤

#sketch #watercolor #inkandwatercolor #drawing #draw #drawingoftheday #illustration #hotpress #danielsmith #fashionillustration

Daily art – classic penny loafers

from Instagram: Sketch from a photo I discovered of classic penny loafers. If I did this sketch again, I’d change those shadows under the toes…good lesson on remembering to use artistic license to capture the feeling of the image without being too literal! But I’m getting better about leaving light areas for depth and contrast.

Daily art – JCrew blazer and Breton tee

from Instagram: I want all the J.Crew things.⠀

#jcrew #fashionillustration #sketch #watercolor #inkandwatercolor #drawing #draw #drawingoftheday #illustration #coldpress #danielsmith

Daily art – pumpernickel sandwich

from Instagram: It’s always a good day when the @kingarthurflour catalog arrives. This sandwich on pumpernickel caught my eye as a fun sketching subject — or eating subject for that matter!