Baking journal entries

Breads, pastries, desserts, and other goodies using whole grains milled at home. I like to explore baking with soft white wheat and hard white wheat, and learning how to adapt recipes to work with freshly-milled flours made in my grain mill.

Make whole grain flours at home

To read more about grinding grains (I primarily use wheat berries) into flour check out these posts:

Grain Mill Baking Get-Started Guide - Recipes and Techniques for Confident Whole Grain BakingUPDATE: I recently wrote a book all about baking with the fresh milled wheat flour from your grain mill!

It has 15 classic recipes adapted for whole grain flour, plus tips and techniques for adapting other recipes for your grain mill. Read a free preview here >

You can read more about it here or buy it at for Kindle for $4.99.