Art and Design

By the time I earned my bachelor’s degree, I had drawn a hard line between Art and Design and chose the path of Design. More recently, I’ve found room in my life for both. My design work is about defining goals and criteria and working to create solutions to support them. And my art is more of a place for me to play, explore, experiment, and release myself from business goals.

Update: I’m currently accepting 5–10 hours of freelance/contract design work each week. A good fit would be print collateral, publications, website mockups, slide decks, or ad creation in InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop. If you have the design strategy part of a project in place and you’re looking for help with execution or production work, you can reach me at


Design background and projects

I’ve been designing for more than 20 years, primarily focusing on print collateral, brand development, and website design. I believe in clarity and dependability, which has translated into design work with a focus on details and usability over flashy or trendy.

Drawing and illustration

Drawing, both by hand and vector illustrations, has always been an enjoyable activity for me. I enjoy practicing this craft with many different mediums, styles, and subjects.