About Pipsqueak, the furry face of Oxford Dogma

Pipsqueak in her new black and white gingham collar-2

We adopted Pipsqueak from a Phoenix shelter in August of 2014, many long months after losing our two amazing cats to old age. She melted my heart with her sweet disposition and excitement about seeing me, a perfect stranger. It was love at first sight.

Shortly after adopting her we sent away for one of those pet DNA tests. Yep, we’re that type of pet owner. We learned she’s a Miniature Poodle, Chihuahua, Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier cross. (The report was so cool — it lists traits we can see in her and it helps us understand her better.) We like to try to figure out which breed she’s being each day, like when she’s being really obedient she’s the Poodle. But then on other days she’s more of a suspicious, barky Chihuahua or a Terrier fixated on something to no end.

When the weather started to cool during our first Fall together, I was already deep into DIY (a friend of mine has taken to calling me Laura Ingalls Wilder), and figured I’d give sewing her a jacket a try. I was hooked, and it was the seed that grew into Oxford Dogma.

And also, Bosco!

Bosco staying close to momIn March of 2016 we decided to adopt a brother for Pipsqueak. When we found Bosco, we knew it was a great match. He lets her be the boss, but never pouts in the corner about it. He’s first in line for hugs and kisses and has the most loving, upbeat personality. He has some trademark Dachshund stubbornness but we can’t imagine our family without him.

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