About Oxford Dogma

Having pets makes me so happy.

The deep, permanent relationship filled with unconditional love completes me in a way that nothing else does. (Some people have kids, but I’m a pet person.) And when someone brings me that much joy, I want them to have the best.

Art for dog lovers

I create art for people who are crazy in love with their dog and want to feel like good pet parents. My focus is on timeless design and subtle details because I believe there should be more special, memorable, and lasting things in the world. Just like the unconditional love between dogs and their humans.

After adopting our dog, Pipsqueak, I realized that I could combine my love for making useful things with my love for her. What started with a homemade biscuit and DIY jacket soon developed into a plan for Oxford Dogma, a home where I could design and craft jackets, leashes, and other accessories for dogs and their humans that help strengthen their bond and foster meaningful experiences.

Our little buddy, Pipsqueak, in a handmade jacket

I create custom portraits for people who are head over heels about their dog and want to feel like good dog parents, and for people who:

The day I found Pipsqueak was my first time at an animal shelter. This visit left me with a hunger to do more to help animals in need. As much as I wanted to, it wasn’t feasible to adopt every cat and dog in the place. So by selling my creations I’m able to support shelters through donations.

I believe it’s not about having more, it’s about having better and doing good.

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