Straight-line block-in practice day 10

Today’s straight-line block-in practice ended pretty well, but it was a hard road to get there! When I sighted the centers and drew based on them, the subject looked too wide. When I stretched the height past the original marks it helped. This was also a tough subject because of how asymmetrical the branch of leaves is — the left half of it is basically nothingness, with the leaves all sitting on the right half. It would be interesting to draw this same thing again, and see how my drawing changes. One thing I definitely need to work on more…

Straight-line block-in practice day 9

In the first step of this drawing of a branch with leaves, I didn’t look at the overall envelope shape very accurately. So from the first step, things were skewed. On the third step, it took a lot of reshaping on the left side. But this was an awesome subject for utilizing negative shapes for better proportions! And I love the organic, sculptural shape of these leaves. I have another branch that I’ll try next time, spending a little more time on step two for a more accurate overall shape.

Straight-line block-in practice day 8

I did a much better job of remembering to extend my lines through the whole subject today. For this apple and pear, I focused on getting the overall shape right before thinking about contour details. Which was easier because they’re such smooth, simple shapes. Only two days left of this lesson! I think tomorrow I’ll find a slightly more complex subject. I’m interested in trying a plant, to see if I can get myself to see the large shapes and not get fixated on individual leaves.

Straight-line block-in practice day 7

Apparently it’s common to draw things wider than they actually are in life. I was glad to learn this because I definitely have this problem! You can see in today’s straight-line block-in drawing between steps 2 (upper left) and 3 (lower left) how I needed to make my drawing of this bag of pasta much narrower. I think I could have seen this earlier in my process by doing more long lines that follow all the way through the subject to the other side. Definitely a habit I need to develop! My tendency is still to focus on smaller areas….

Straight-line block-in practice day 6

For today’s straight-line block-in practice I moved on from fruit to a little bird sculpture. I’m happy with how it evolved through the three steps, and being a slightly more complex shape gave me more checkpoints to visually measure against. I’m not sure what I’ll be drawing tomorrow — as I look around the house I see very little in the way of simple, organic shapes! Maybe I’ll do one of the dog’s toys again…