Mug illustration troubles

I set an intention to make this morning’s gouache mug study more illustrative in style and not worry so much about value accuracy. I also intended to mix up a nice grey color to paint with. Neither of these things went very well. I’m aware of feeling off and grumpy this morning — maybe that had an influence in my sketchbook. The first sketch of the outlined mug went OK (despite the color that was way off from my goal). I like the simplicity of it and the hatching pattern on the surface. The larger, second mug was stickier. I…

Could this mug BE any moodier?

I’ve been watching the early seasons of Friends and Chandler always made me laugh. One great line that we’ve been saying lately, because I made scones: “My scone. MY SCONE!” When I saw my completed mug study for today all I could think was “Could this mug BE any moodier?” I experimented with a whole bunch of different things for today’s sketchbook painting: primed the sketchbook page with acrylic gesso (inexpensive Decoarts, which has a smoother surface than Liquitex Basics gesso) stood at my table instead of sitting because my right shoulder is hurting and I’m sure it’s because of…

Gouache mug study in complementary color scheme

I’m loving the complementary color combination of an earthy red-orange paired with teal. I think the red-orange does a good job of bringing down the exuberance of the teal while allowing it to be a focal point. I’ve noticed it showing up in my intuitive paintings as well. This week for my daily art I’m focusing on using gouache. Partly because I missed painting with it after using colored pencil last week, and partly because I put a bunch of it on my ceramic palette and would like to use it up. I felt a little rusty with the gouache,…

Loose and gestural colored pencil mug

After a week of careful studies of a white mug, I changed things up today. Instead of drawing from a photo, I drew the mug as it was actually sitting in front of me. And I also loosened the marks up a lot, going for a general sense of the light and shadow vs. a careful representation. Polychromos colored pencils in Canson XL Mix Media sketchbook

Mug study in green Polychromos colored pencils

I’m having that feeling like I’m running out of ways to use the colored pencils for these mug studies. I think that means I need to play more and allow myself to explore or warm up before starting the timer. Or maybe I play and explore while the timer is running! I guess these don’t have to be entirely accurate, carefully rendered drawings. My mode right now is to sharpen my drawing skills so my mind got a little one-track about that. For today’s sketch, I could feel myself getting quicker at drawing and shading which is a cool thing….