Chocolate-dipped Candied Orange Peel (Orangettes)

Awhile back, I made candied orange peel for the first time, with the intention of putting it in Stollen. Happily, there was enough for the Stollen as well as some Orangettes. I’m not bit on chocolate and fruit (chocolate-covered strawberries being the exception) and orange + chocolate has never sounded appetizing to me, so I … Continue reading Chocolate-dipped Candied Orange Peel (Orangettes)

What’s baking

Take a stroll down chocolate lane featuring one of my all-time favorites, Whole Wheat Chocolate Babka.

My story

I started this blog in early 2014, around the time I started my career break. As a trained graphic designer, I spent sixteen years working my way from print design (web design wasn’t a thing when yet at my university), brand development, website design and development, to experience design. My path was a successful one, but … Continue reading My story

Oat flour pumpkin bars

While searching for a relatively healthy snack bar or cookie for camping, I found this recipe for Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oat Bars that looked promising. I made it with some modifications: made 1/2 recipe used a whole can of pumpkin left out the applesauce increased coconut oil added raisins reduced chocolate chips to a few … Continue reading Oat flour pumpkin bars

Recipe wishlist

I’m particularly interested in baking things you’d find in a bake shop. A visit to Paris left me fascinated with their boulangeries and patisseries. Everything found in these shops is a delight to eat, but typically made with white flour. At home I avoid the processed white flour and prefer the health benefits of baking with … Continue reading Recipe wishlist