9 mini landscape paintings project, number 3

9 mini landscape paintings project - number 3
“Tenuous”, 3×4 mini painting, oil on oil paper

I built on the second painting from my 9 mini landscape paintings project for this one, continuing to take things one step at a time and not feel a rush to complete any part of it. I’m going for a good balance of giving each step the time needed for consideration without getting bogged down by over-analyzing it. So far I’m pretty happy with how that’s going!

My concept for this one was based on the warmth of the light being cast by the evening sun contrasted with the dark cloud coming into the sky and that little cluster of pink clouds. I took this picture one evening last year because seeing the intense colors on the grasses and trees made me stop in my tracks. I titled it “Tenuous” because the little pink clouds almost seem to be under attack by the larger dark cloud. I feel a tension that suggests something dramatic is coming.

The composition I chose from my thumbnail exploration is based on the pyramid/triangle armature. At this small scale, I didn’t leave myself much room to create a lead-in in the foreground, but I did remember to plan for it in the planning stage.

I used the same basic color palette as with number 2, except replaced dioxazine purple with mauve blue shade. I also painted out test swatches in relationship to each other, rather than randomly on a big sheet. One of the things I paid close attention to was keeping the values of the tree close so it holds together as one shape, but adjust the intensity to suggest the sunlight on the branches.

To set up my little painting surface, I toned the oil paper with a wash of burnt umber and alizarin acrylic, and used burnt umber, alizarin, and white acrylic to paint the block-in. It helped to use less paint and more of a scrubby painting action as opposed to making hard edges like the last one.

This process has been working pretty well! I’m not sure what I’ll use for a color palette on the next one, but am excited to see where it goes.