one letter 5 ways completed project illustrations

Wrap-up of one letter, 5 ways project

compilation of hand lettered illustrations for One Letter 5 Ways project
The 20 illustrated characters from my hand-lettering project

One of my goals for this year is to complete a bunch of smaller creative projects with defined beginnings and endings (as opposed to a habit like “paint every day”). My thought is that I’ll be able to experience a big variety of things, and none of them will take so long that it feels like torture waiting for it to wrap up before bouncing to something new. And experience has taught me that there will be something new, lol. It feels good to have this first one completed!

There were some moments of frustration when things just weren’t going the way I wanted, but overall this has been a really rewarding project. I enjoyed getting more familiar with Procreate and my new brushes (so many to choose from now!). The gouache brushes are really cool, though I haven’t used the others quite as much. 

One of my favorite things about this project was that it didn’t take a long time in terms of weeks/months, but by sticking with one topic for a little while and repeating the process I could feel myself getting more comfortable with it and overall I started to like the outcomes more and more. There were a few exceptions (like the representational R).

A big takeaway — or rather a reminder, because I’m sure I’ve learned this about myself before — is that it was a lot more fun when I had a plan, versus just diving in and winging it. I always did sketches before opening Procreate, but when I actually took the time to come up with a color strategy and textural aesthetic I was happier with the results.

At some point I’d like to do a project lettering whole words, and then phrases or quotes. There are ideas on my Scanner project list. And the orderly/methodical side of me is loving the way these are all collected into one project folder! It makes it easier to go back and view everything done on this theme in one place. I might go back and do that for previous projects…