One letter, 5 ways: G

one letter 5 ways - G representational

This group of lettering illustrations is based on the theme of garden. It was just a coincidence that I had selected the letter G before choosing the theme!

I did a lot more exploring of my new Procreate brushes with these, and incorporated more color strategies. To me, each one was like doing a mini painting because I was really thinking about the concepts I’ve learned during my landscape painting studies.

Some of the things I was focusing on were:

  • utilizing neutrals and greys with higher chroma colors as accents
  • incorporating violet and orange as a counterpart to green
  • creating a sense of sunlight on the forms with warm highlights
  • cool and warm temperature contrast
  • textures to add interest and depth

Generally speaking, my goal is to use natural colors in a harmonious way. It’s something I’ve done a lot of work on with oil painting by choosing limited palettes and neutralizing colors by mixing complements together. Choosing color swatches in Procreate is a bit of a different mindset because they’re not mixed together in the same way.

So one of the things I’m experimenting with is sampling colors from soft pastel sets. Since soft pastel artists layer opaque pigment to build colors I thought it would be cool to try that approach with digital swatches. I like having a place to start that gets me in the ball park, giving me something to respond to versus create from scratch.

For my final character in this series I’m deciding between E, N, and R. And perhaps a theme that’s not based on green and brown, lol.