one letter 5 ways - W

One letter, 5 ways: W

For this set in my Procreate hand lettering project, I chose “W” and the theme of gentle. This time I brainstormed a list of words that I felt related to the idea of gentle, which helped me focus the styles to pursue.

I tried a few new things with this part of the project. One was drawing inspiration from a photo I took of a Robert Blum painting at the North Carolina Museum of Art. I originally took the photo because I was fascinated by the layering of colors in the grasses. It looks to me like the canvas was toned with an earth tone before adding color and I wanted to remember that. So since I had the image on my mind I used it for color palette direction and background inspiration.

Cropped segment of Reverie by Robert Frederick Blum

Another new thing was to buy a set of brushes for Procreate from Bardot Brushes. I was tired of beating my head against the wall trying to make my own brushes do what I wanted. It’s a lot more fun to play with the different textures and brushes where someone else has done the hard work! Although I did make a couple of watercolor brushes that I love (used a bit in this project).

I enjoyed exploring ways to draw serifs and working with monoweight scripts. I think for the next set I’d like to have a better idea for the color and texture treatment before bringing my sketches into Procreate because it was a little frustrating to push pixels around out of a lack of direction.