one letter 5 ways - A

One letter, 5 ways

I’m starting a new creative challenge this month to expand my creativity with hand lettering. The project is based on choosing 4 different letters and drawing each one in 5 different styles. For each letter, I’ll choose a theme to help provide some focus.

Along the way, I hope to develop my hand lettering skills and get more comfortable working in Procreate.

For my first letter, I chose “A” because I’m bored with the way my name looks when I write it out, and I figured some quality time with the character would help me feel the love for it.

Theme: oak

Five styles:

  1. Fancy serif
  2. Sans Serif
  3. Serif
  4. Ornate and dimensional
  5. Representational

I found I didn’t enjoy creating the letters when I tried to make them very perfect and precise. It was OK to do sketches that way to the get the shapes down, but I had a lot more fun going over the lines freehand and letting some handmade qualities come through.

Doing this first set helped me get more familiar with the Procreate brushes. And also helped me get past the initial deer-in-the-headlines moment of realizing that there’s an infinite number of brushes that one could make! I’m working on choosing a few basic ones to stick with for a little while — I really like the different pencils and the more painterly brushes with texture and layering capabilities.