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Quilt for Maks

quilt for Maks folded front

In November I got the quilting bug out of the blue. I started making quarter square triangle blocks for a new king-sized quilt project. And quickly realized that a king-sized quilt was going to be a loooooong haul. A smaller project would let me finishing something much sooner and feel that satisfaction of a finished object.

quilt for Maks elephant print flannel back and diagonal strips front

A tutorial for a jelly roll block inspired me to make a miniature quilt for Maks, the Morkie I did a bunch of sewing for with my handmade pet accessories business Oxford Dogma. I used fabrics leftover from his harnesses, mixing and matching based on the themes of the fabric prints.

I experimented with using a cotton batting between the front and back layers but since it was so small that made it stiffer than I wanted. So just the flannel back and pieced front was perfect.

It was a total pleasure to sew this little quilt! I enjoyed designing the way the strips and blocks fit together. I just wish I’d taken a photo of the entire front of the quilt as a reference for myself in the future…

quilt made as a gift for Maks the Morkie