Value study 6 (3-A-Week Challenge)

10×8 values study

I’m wrapping up this series of studies focusing on values with a reference photo from our Grand Teton/Yellowstone trip. I’m pretty happy with how the water and trees are looking, but I felt pretty stuck on the big areas of rock. The main problem I had was uncertainty about simplifying the colors shapes in the rocks, so they turned out really fuzzy and soft looking. Plus I couldn’t get a sharp edge on my brush, even though it was a flat. I think the issue is a combination of too little paint, and uncertain mark making.

value masses

I mixed color value lines using my selected color palette but ended up not really using this method in the way it’s intended. Instead of mixing colors together at the same values, I was rather haphazard about it. I realized after the fact that I wasn’t totally present and focused on the painting, and was feeling a little mentally distracted. I do think the value line method is effective for color mixing when I’m concentrating more on what I’m doing. The palette I chose were largely based around two pairs of complements (yellow/purple and yellow-green/red-violet) with a neutralizer (burnt sienna) and ultramarine blue to cool colors off. Which I guess ends up being three pairs of complements!

  • cadmium yellow medium
  • burnt sienna
  • quinacridone violet
  • violet mixed from alizarin permanent and ultramarine blue
  • ultramarine blue
  • sap green
  • titanium white

Next week I’m moving on to the next unit in the online mentorship program: design.