Hunk the Basset Hound custom hand drawn portrait - featured

Custom Basset Hound portrait

Hunk the Basset Hound custom hand drawn portrait
“Hunk” 8×10 colored pencil, watercolor, and gouache on watercolor paper

I had a few projects come up toward the end of the summer that kept be really busy with non-landscape painting — including this custom portrait drawing of Hunk the Basset Hound. I fell head-over-heels for Hunk! The way his mom described his personality as an irresistibly lovable tyrant definitely reminded me of our own dogs. And I was particularly smitten with his long hound face and ears because of our Dachshund, Bosco.

Hunk’s mom provided the idea for the tilted crown (inspired by a Biggie Smalls photo with the same pose) and emperor theme. For these portraits I always choose a botanical accent for the framing elements, and for this one I was inspired by the fleur de lis designs seen with French nobility. It’s a reference to the crown and the Basset Hound’s French heritage. She also told a hilarious story of Hunk getting onto the table and stealing donuts, so I included classic pink frosted donuts with sprinkles in place of large jewels on the crown.

Getting to work on this handsome guy was super rewarding! If I have to take a mini break from painting my landscapes, I’m grateful that it’s because of great projects like this.