Day 18 of notans

Notan sketches of a pond and trees

I’m working on a study for my online course with Matt Smith — or put another way, I’m overthinking and over preparing for the study. Today’s notan sketches remind me to work from large and abstract to smaller and detailed. When I look at these sketches they don’t really look like “things”, which is exciting because it’s allowing me to look for the dark/light harmony more. Quieting the left side of my brain that wants to label things is definitely an ongoing practice! Getting back into gesture sketches would help, and I think continuing to include notan sketches in my painting process will help.

With only a few more days of this focused practice project left, I’m starting to think about how to incorporate notans into my workflow. I’m really enjoy how simple it is to make them on the iPad with Procreate! And using a timer prevents me from getting fixated on one solution before exploring others which I like.

Focused practice project parameters: complete 100 landscape notans. 3 minutes per notan, 5 notans per session, 20 sessions to reach 100.