Peaceful plein air morning

landscape study - plein air at Falls Lake Jul 21 2019
Fishing spot at Falls Lake

Despite a rocky start (forgetting my brushes and struggling to map the values and shapes of this scene) I eventually got into a groove and really enjoyed my time painting at the lake. The turnoff I chose today is designated as a fishing spot, and yesterday when I drove by there were many people here fishing. But this morning it was quiet, just a few other people including a couple launching kayaks. So it was very peaceful in this little nook I found.

I wanted to be sure to get some angles in with this one, along with water and greens. Although I totally did not need more paint, I finally broke down and bought a tube of sap green — with the goal of speeding things up when painting outdoors — and its complement, red violet. I also put ultramarine blue, cad yellow light, and cad red light out on my palette. I wish I’d brought transparent earth red or burnt sienna with, which would have provided a nice earthy red-orange to the mix.

I do think these tubes of green and violet helped me neutralize my colors faster which helped make the whole experience more fun than my typical plein air palette of the three primaries. I’m looking forward to playing more with my new colors!