What heat advisory?

landscape study - plein air at Durant Nature Preserve Jul 20 2019
Painting outdoors at the Durant Nature Preserve pond

I was all set to spend a few full days painting outdoors, but the weather isn’t cooperating. So I’m shooting for a few quick morning outings instead. I wish I’d picked a closer spot this morning because it took about 25 minutes just to get to the location, and since it was my first time there I had to walk around a bit to choose where to set up. But on the upside, my goal was to do a series of fast studies so the rising temperature helped hurry me along a bit. I just didn’t get more than one in before packing up and heading home.

For this study, I had all kinds of trouble getting the tree shapes looking right. I think the main problem was that I was breaking the mass of trees down into too much detail too quickly. So I lost my way with them because the proportions were off. If I had kept the initial shapes much more basic, it would have likely made a huge difference. I’m happy with the overall value range and the water area.

One thing I’d like to adjust for next time is to choose a simpler scene so I can focus on color mixing. Or another way to tackle that is to make sure the scene stays as larger simple shapes until everything is blocked in at the colors I want, then add smaller shapes for detail.