Day 8 of notans

Notan sketches of trees reflecting into a pond

Today was a good example of where my preconceived notions about the subject held me back from really exploring compositional directions. I thought I wanted it to be about the way those three shrub shapes broke up the light land shape and created a varied reflection in the pond. So that’s what I kept focusing on. It wasn’t until the final sketch — the vertical format in the lower right — that I broke into a new interpretation of the scene. This cropping feels more dramatic to me, with more visual tension between the two shrub shapes than when there are three. That visual tension is something I’ve read about but is always cool to experience doing myself. At some point I might be able to enhance that one by exploring the steelyard composition.

And in contrast to the vertical format, I noticed how the horizontal notans felt much more calm and tranquil.

Focused practice project parameters: complete 100 landscape notans. 3 minutes per notan, 5 notans per session, 20 sessions to reach 100.