Day 4 of notans

Notan sketches of trees with dappled afternoon shadows

For my reference with this set of notans, I used a photo I took the park where I liked the way the strong tree trunks framed the scene, and dappled light was running through it. The way the sun hit the light green leaves made them glow, especially compared to the cooler, more purple colors in the trees behind them.

I was surprised about how much I like the square and wide formats. By raising the horizon line on the wide format, it put more focus on the dappled ground shadows. And the square format narrowed the focus to just one of the glowing trees.

I think if I were to paint this one, I’d want to find a way to not make the colors obnoxiously green. And I would take the time to make sure the shapes are better. More than 3 minutes, lol.

Focused practice project parameters: complete 100 landscape notans. 3 minutes per notan, 5 notans per session, 20 sessions to reach 100.