Day 3 of notans

Notan Studies Jul 10 2019
Notan sketches of trees in the park

I’m really liking how this notan practice is helping me think about how to add interesting passages in large solid areas. It’s making me shift my mindset toward considering all of the parts of the composition instead of just concentrating on a focal point. Like with this scene, I’d want to spend time putting some more shapes in the grassy field so it’s not just a single solid mass. Those shapes wouldn’t necessarily be darker, but could represent temperature or intensity shifts that add some interest.

And I ran out of time (I think that’s going to be a theme with this project), but introducing some contrast with the clouds in the sky would be great!

Focused practice project parameters: complete 100 landscape notans. 3 minutes per notan, 5 notans per session, 20 sessions to reach 100.