30-minute quick study

30-minute study, 6×8 oil on canvas panel

I liked using this photo during my 30 Days of Value Thumbnails project, and wanted to try a different take on it for this quick study. Since the last few timed studies got more detailed, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to cut the time in half to 30 minutes. This would force me to make sure I get the big shapes all in before getting sidetracked by smaller shapes.

When my timer went off and I stepped across the room to have a look at it, I was struck by how cool the color temperature is in this one. Especially compared to the little color study of it I did the first time!

Previous color study on the left, latest study on the right

A few things I’d do differently next time:

  • make the blue sky darker
  • make the trees in the distance lighter
  • add warmth to the sunlit sides of the trees and the lightest part of the ground