Early Evening Clouds

early evening clouds over the trees Jun 20 2019
“Early Evening Clouds”, 8×6, oil on canvas panel

To help with the time restraints of painting outdoors, one of my projects is to practice 60-minute timed paintings in the studio. For this one, I didn’t start my timer until after doing a thumbnail sketch and making a loose drawing of the shapes on my panel, but it was a happy surprise when I finished the painting stage in an hour.

I’m working with the prismatic palette, feeling my way through using it to create atmospheric perspective and adjusting the chroma of colors. Having the 10 value steps is helping me wrangle my values better, and the blue and grey color strings are allowing me to lower the chroma much faster and with less paint than by using the complements like I was doing previously.

The reference photo I took one evening in the park didn’t capture the warmth I saw in the clouds when I was there. The relatively low early evening sun on the brightest parts of the clouds was really striking in person, and I had fun trying to capture that sense of warm light in my painting.