30 Days of Value Thumbnails – Day 29

mini painting color study grasses and trees in the park May 27 2019
Mini color study, “Soft and Fluffy”, 3×4 oil on paper

I’m obsessed with mixing summer greens so I chose another photo from my pile that features trees and grasses. I also wanted to continue experimenting with cast shadows — making them more interesting and nuanced than a solid color, and making the color more intense where the shadow and light areas meet.

For my block-in colors, I incorporated burnt umber and ended up with some violet-brown mixes that I really like. It helps bring some warmth to the predominantly cool temperature of the study.

To create color harmony, I started by mixing few main color puddles and modified their value, temperature, and intensity based on their location around the composition. My main mixes included green, yellow-green, blue, and red-violet.

Block-in using burnt umber, alizarin permanent, ultramarine blue, and transparent earth red

Reference photo from a nearby park

Value thumbnail of simple shapes

Black and white value check of my color study