30 Days of Value Thumbnails – Day 27

mini painting color study structure in the park May 25 2019
Mini color study, “Sun Seeker”, 3×4 oil on paper

At the park where I took photos recently, there’s a farm building from when the land was used for farming. I liked the way it was peeking out from behind this large tree, like it was trying to find the sun.

With this subject, I wanted to play with the colors in the shadows being cast in the foreground area. Instead of just plain dark, cool green, I used several colors of the same value including a cool grey, red-violet, and green. And at the edge of the shadow, where the light starts to hit it, I used a more intense green in a value between the grass and shadow shapes. Things got rather muddied up because I kept making adjustments to my colors, but I see the potential for some interesting things there.

I also thought more about color harmony, and how to unify the colors by using the same hues throughout the painting and adjusting their value, temperature, and intensity based on their location. So I mixed starter piles of blue, green, red-orange, and red-violet and tried to intermix with those piles rather than making all new mixes when I needed a different color.

Block-in using transparent earth red, ultramarine blue, and alizarin permanent

After getting my colors blocked in, I didn’t like how there was a big open space right in the middle so I added another small tree on the left. It helped it a little, but this composition could use some additional exploration if I made a larger painting of it.