30 Days of Value Thumbnails – Day 25

mini painting color study tree in the park May 23 2019
Mini color study, “Golden Light on the Meadow”, 3×4 oil on paper

My main focus with today’s mini color study was to incorporate violets and mauves with the greens in the landscape. And building off of yesterday’s success with the tree underpainting, I wanted to experiment with a more colorful block-in. Since the main tree was in shadow, I used a cool green color for the underpainting, and a red-violet in the shadow area of the foreground.

Colorful block-in

But I really missed the warmth that the transparent earth red added to the tree. This cool green wasn’t as interesting with the other colors in the tree, since it basically blended in and didn’t add any contrast. A red-violet or burgundy might be good options to try. The red-violet peeking out from the lower portion is much more interesting to me. And during my searching around for a good sunlight-on-the-grasses color, I obliterated the red underpainting there.

One of my favorite things about exploring soft pastels is how pastelists seem to get much more adventurous with their block-ins/underpaintings. I’m not sure why that would be — perhaps there’s a big reason oil painters do it differently that I just haven’t discovered yet. It sure is a fun topic to play with though!

Reference photo from a local park
Value thumbnail of simple shapes
Black and white value check of my color study