30 Days of Value Thumbnails – Day 10

mini painting color study neighborhood trees and shadows May 8 2019
Mini color study, “Morning Stretch” 3×4 oil on paper

One morning I noticed some long shadows stretching across the road from these pine trees, and the dappled light and shadow on the ground was interesting to me. So many of the trees around here are tall, and if I’m relatively close to them, at eye level it’s all trunks. I like the rounded, low-to-the-ground shape of these pines.

I focused on capturing the warm yellow morning sunlight with shadows that lean purple, and I’m working on getting cleaner (less milky) darks in the deeper shadows of the trees. If I take this one and do a larger painting of it, I’d spend some time studying the shapes of the trees more and get a better understanding of the levels and placements of light and shadow.

Reference photo of neighborhood trees
Value thumbnail of simple shapes
Black and white value check of color study

This piece of canvas paper was toned with Winsor Orange and I liked the intense warm base it provided