30 Days of Value Thumbnails – Day 5

mini painting color study of tree along Cheek Rd trail in Durham May 5 2019
Mini color study, 3×4 oil on paper

For this value thumbnail I focused on pushing the distant trees to the back — in the photo I took of the scene they look like they’re about in line with the main tree in the foreground. I also made the green field cooler and lighter in the distance to help create depth.

This was a cool, overcast day that had the feeling of autumn that inspired my color palette. The paper surface was toned with yellow ochre light, which was a coincidence but I think worked great with the overall temperature of this study.

Reference photo from a hike along Cheek Rd. Trail in Durham

30 days of value thumbnails number 5 May 2 2019
Value thumbnail of simple shapes

Black and white value check of my study

I feel like I’m getting a little quicker with mixing colors now that I have a more clear plan. I use my value thumbnail as a reference for what colors are needed where and what value they need to be.