Color study of a mountain stream, take 2

Cool and Crisp 2 landscape oil painting study 6x8 Apr 26 2019
“Cool and Crisp 2” 6×8 oil on canvas panel

I painted this same scene in my last color study, and once it was complete I saw potential for different approaches to the same subject. I reworked the thumbnail sketch and value structure, and chose an entirely different color palette.

I’m so much happier with this version of the painting! With the first one, I tried suggesting a cool and crisp atmosphere with the cool color palette. But it felt very unbalanced to me and I realized I could still suggest this feeling by incorporating warms into my colors. I like how the water looks like it feels cold to touch, and the blue contrasts so much with the rest of the environment that it effectively becomes the focal point. And the greens have enough orange in or near them that it suggests autumn weather more than the heat of the summer.

I paid a lot of attention to keeping the values within each zone fairly close to stay consistent with its place in space, as well as the intensity of the color groups. I’m not loving the way the foreground area looks, but I’m really happy with everything from the water back.

Thumbnail sketch with value plan
Cool and Crisp 2 landscape oil painting study - block in ultramarine violet and transparent oxide yellow
Experimenting with ultramarine violet and transparent oxide yellow for the block-in