Still life study of red onions

still life study of red onions Mar-4-2019

Study topics

Painting from life in order to see more colors than in a photo; finishing a study; lost edges

Process notes

Made a notan sketch, then blocked the subject in on a gesso-coated 6×8 piece of cardboard. Started by blocking in the shadow shapes, then the not-in-shadow shapes. Once it was blocked in, I refined the shapes and colors. Finished with some lost edges.

Palette: ultramarine blue, permanent alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow light hue, titanium white

What I learned

This cardboard surface seems to really absorb the oil in the paints quickly — the surface tacked up more than I’d like so either I’ll need to switch to a different surface or use more paint. I tried out some of my new synthetic bristle brushes and found them difficult to use on this surface. I have a smooth gesso panel that I’d like to try next.
My value structure got a little out of alignment, especially on the onion in the back which got flattened out. Next time I want to do a more clear value plan to prepare, and also try making divisions on my palette for 4 values and work on getting the color mixes to stay in those divisions. I’m loving these colors though, and it was fun to add variety to the shadow areas.