Lost edge study in fusing middle values

lost edge study in fusing middle values bird Feb-13-2019
Lost edges in the middle values

Now that I’m seeing this study, which is an exploration of lost edges in middle values, I feel like my studies with light values (apples and pears) could use another look. For this little bird, I used my value finder tool to double check that the negative shape is indeed a middle value. The idea being that I can use the middle values of the bird’s contour to lose edges with the background. I wish I’d done that check with the previous two studies! I really like how they look, but I’d also like to get more of the experience with actually merging the light values.

In any case, the concept of losing edges is making sense to me, which is the important thing. The primary thing we were studying with this lesson was to find areas where two different hues of the same value meet, and soften the edges together rather than keep them distinctly separate.

Since it can be hard for me to distinguish values when color is present, I converted the study to greyscale to check. It was so fun to see those edges disappear! My goal was to paint the bird primarily in warm neutrals and the background primarily in cool, so that when the colors meet you can see the form of the bird even when the edges aren’t clear.

lost edge study in fusing middle values bird Feb-13-2019 color next to grey
The greyscale version shows how the edges between subject and background disappear where the values are the same

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