Lost edge study in merging light values #2

lost edge study in merging light values pears Feb-8-2019
I enjoyed painting the subtleties in these pears

I wanted to keep going with the color palette from the previous lost edge study this photo of a couple of pears intrigued me. I liked the contrast of the cut pear next to the whole one and it felt satisfying to paint those subtle details like the darkened seed area in the middle and the very slight green halo around the edge just inside the skin.

My 100 Starts project was all about getting larger, simple areas of flat color in quickly, so it’s been a treat to slow down and brush in the details with these studies. The pace is so different and I’m relishing the way the way different brushes move the paint around on the panel.

I’ve heard the instructor say a few times that she doesn’t want to lose the gesture of the subject throughout the painting process. I like that reminder to focus more on the overall feeling of the image than being concerned with imitating the subject literally.

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