Art journal play: Black and White Sketching

art journal entry - black and white sketch - Feb-2-2019
Art journal prompt: Black and White Sketching

The Day 12 creative prompt was Black and White Sketching. I worked in my grey toned sketchbook with a variety of black, graphite, water soluble, and white tools.

I was looking through the book Composition: Understanding Line, Notan and Color by Arthur Wesley Dow earlier in the day and wanted to base this sketch on one of the composition examples in it. It’s essentially structured like a “C”, which is a design that shows up in landscape painting references as well (along with other letters like J, T, O, X, U. L, and S).

I don’t love this one, but not because of the prompt. I threw the whole kitchen sink in and that’s not working well for me. And I realized by using this grey paper, I needed to push the value contrast more, and ended up working over and over some areas until they became mush. I do like that I pushed myself to keep going though instead of stopping at the point where there was virtually no contrast happening!

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