Art journal play: Dark

art journal entry - dark - Feb-1-2019
Art journal prompt: Dark

The Day 11 creative prompt was Dark. I started with raw umber acrylic mixed with a touch of gesso for tooth. And my inspiration was to incorporate the Golden acrylic color Titan Violet Pale (I mixed my own closest approximation). I have no idea what drew me to this color — but when I saw it, it was so intriguing.

I wanted to try abstracting a photo reference as a jumping off point, and I liked how it gave me some direction. Some of the shapes ended up looking too much like objects so I rotated the page 180° which helped. I really like the value and temperature contrasts, and I’ll be curious to see if I find more ways to use this unusual pale neutral. It actually reminds me a little of the evening sky color story I did the other day, so incorporating it into something based on a landscape would be cool.

I also really like the subtle color shifts I explored in this one. Blending areas of high contrast with areas that contain more nuanced elements is a juxtaposition that I find engaging. I’m working on developing how that all fits into composition.

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