Art journal play: Color Story

art journal entry - color story 1 - Jan-31-2019
Art journal prompt: Color Story (inspired by the evening sky I saw when walking the dogs)

The Day 10 creative prompt was Color Story and I love this one! I’ve always enjoyed creating and collecting color palettes, squirreling them away for future projects. So with this prompt it was like getting a big permission slip to go ahead and spend as many hours as I want playing with color combinations.

I warmed up by swatching little color stories based on a few pieces of abstract art I like, then moved on to landscape photos for inspiration. Working in my small sketchbook, these color stories are told like tiny abstract landscapes:

art journal entry - color story 2 - Jan-31-2019
Inspired by a coastal photo
art journal entry - color story 3 - Jan-31-2019
Inspired by an autumn landscape photo

Things really started to click for me though when I took the dogs out for their evening walk. The sky was interesting because the clouds were the same value as the sky, but warmer in temperature. I liked that subtle contrast, and the deep browns and oranges of the winter trees in the neighborhood. And this prompt dovetails nicely into a color study project I’ve been wanting to do based on looking outside and painting color notes of what I see in nature instead of relying on photographs. Doing these small color stories is the perfect way to record those.

For this exercise I found acrylics (the top photo) to be the best fit because it gave me the most control over the colors. Can’t wait to do more of these!

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