Art journal play: Work Small

art journal entry - Work Small - Jan-26-2019
Art journal prompt: Work Small

This Day 5 creative prompt was a lot of fun. Working small isn’t something I would have intuitively chosen but I really enjoyed it. It was also a good opportunity to make another no-sew folded journal. It’s something I learned how to make from a Cathy Johnson tutorial, and is the same type of journal I used for the 100 Day Project of daily patterns. One day maybe I’ll make a hand sewn art journal, but this version is so quick and simple and good for instant gratification. You take one sheet of paper, fold it several times, make a few cuts, and fold it up into an accordion. I used an 11×14 sheet of 300 lb watercolor paper, and the folded size isĀ 3 1/2 x 2 3/4. It’s so dang cute!

My starting place was burnt sienna gouache and around that I built a triadic color palette of yellow-green and blue-violet. In addition to the gouache, I used watercolor, oil pastels, Neocolor crayons, and gesso. The composition was inspired by the landscape, abstracted to highlight subtle diagonals and a zig-zag movement.

color palette and mark making for art journal entry - Work Small - Jan-26-2019
Color palette and mark making experiments

The watercolor paper was nicer to work with than the mixed media sketchbooks, given how much layering and wet media I wanted to apply. This little folded book will be a nice option for art journaling as well as color palette exploration.

art journal entry - Work Small - Jan-26-2019 detail
Close-up detail of textures through layering

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