Art journal play: Layers

art journal entry - Layers - Jan-24-2019
Art journal prompt: Layers

I mostly like to paint representational art and that’s the focus of my skill building right now. But I also believe it’s important for me to play. So as a part of my (ideally) daily sketchbook practice,  I’m following a 30-day creative practice workshop led by Wendy Brightbill. Each day is a new prompt and she leaves it very open for interpretation. Her daily videos for the workshop help get the ball rolling if you’re stuck. And of course tempt me to buy new art supplies ;)

I’m not putting expectations on these art journal entries, other than I hope to just have fun with them. But for the Day 3 prompt, Layers, I decided to experiment with establishing a color palette and a basic composition. I chose a split complementary color scheme based on a variety of media, and a cantilevered composition.

color palette and composition sketch for art journal entry - Layers - Jan-24-2019
A super simple starting point for the Layers art journal entry

With such a large number of tools at my disposal and possibilities for visual direction, it felt very liberating to have a few of the options narrowed down. I think it’s probably why I was attracted to graphic design in college: having some parameters really helps me enjoy the experience. Too many choices = chaos + indecision in my brain.

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