Study in composing values

I’m working on a series of studies focused on composing values as a follow-up to the basic composition exercises of the lime slices. The goal of this study was to block in the in-shadow and not-in-shadow areas with the average color, then add refinements of the degrees of values in each area.

composing values study of yellow tulips Jan-22-2019
The reference image for this study was mostly in-shadow, which threw me for a loop!

My colors are more intense than I had intended but it made for a few interesting areas that glow with ambient light. The color palette was made from color value lines of alizarin permanent to cadmium yellow light hue, and ivory black to cadmium yellow pale hue.

It was more important to get the values working than to make an entirely accurate depiction of the subject. It was fun to let that quest for accuracy go a bit with this one. And as instructor Dianne Mize says in this lesson, being too uptight about perfection takes the fun out of painting, and it’s not even the goal anyway. Good reminder for me because perfectionism is something that can hold me back at times.

composing values study of yellow tulips Jan-22-2019-greyscale reference next to study
Testing out the value accuracy: reference image on the left, my painted study on the right

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