Compositional studies of lime slices

This series of studies was painted based on a video lesson from instructor Dianne Mize. The purpose of the study is to place the lime slice within the chosen format so the distance from the lime to the edges are different on every side. It’s also an introduction to blocking in shadow and not-in-shadow areas, using color value lines, and a limited palette (yellow and black, with white).

In addition to the compositional considerations, I explored different brushes and brushwork. I noticed my tendency to get more detailed than I want, but I think that was somewhat influenced by the extreme simplicity of the subject. With just one object to paint on a plain background I just couldn’t stop myself from painting, lol.

Lime study Oct-9-2018

Lime study Jan-16-2019
Lime study Jan-17-2019
Lime study Jan-18-2019

I prefer the top two versions, where I didn’t add little highlights indicating the shiny pulpy areas. But I like the traditional canvas surface texture of the lower two more.

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