100 Starts – Number 100

Number 100 of my 100 Starts project
Number 100 of my 100 Starts project

My nephew (Hi, Anthony!) gave us this adorable ceramic frog for Christmas one year. He had hand painted it, which posed a challenge for me to paint as my Start because I had to figure out how much to simplify the colors. I knew I didn’t want to paint every different color, so I focused on a general local color that would make a reasonable amount of sense if viewed separate from the figurine.

I really like his red feet and fingers so I kept those in and they are a great complement to the green. The reflected light under his belly is a little too light, and not clearly in the shadow family. So I’d do that a little differently if I were to do this one again — but I love the subtle color temperature changes in the shadow shapes on the body because they add so much interest and life to the shadows.

I’m excited to be finished with this fantastic prompt from Kevin Macpherson of doing 100 Starts! My next step is to reflect on what I learned, what the biggest successes were during the project, where the opportunities to improve are, and what my next focused practice will be.

Now that I’m in the home stretch I wanted to start posting these daily. The previous studies can be found here.

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