100 Starts – Number 93

Number 93 of my 100 Starts project
Number 93 of my 100 Starts project

I felt like painting something with an organic shape today and chose the same hedgehog squeaker toy from Number 91, but with a different position and ground color. I loved going back to Number 24 to see how I interpreted this toy back in early October (3 months ago) compared to today. Although the lighting angle is different, it’s the same bulb and general lighting conditions. In early October I was brand new to oils — just 6 days of experience with them on Number 24. Seeing how these have evolved over the last 69 studies is so cool. And it’s not just the way they look, but also the experience of painting them that’s evolving. The more I paint, the more I’m able to take into account the image as a whole, making the shapes and their relationships work together better.

Number 24 next to Number 93 of my 100 Starts project
Number 24 on left, and 93 on right

Color mixing and drawing are coming more quickly for me, and when I look at these two side by side, I just see so much more life in the more recent one.

It’ll be interesting to tackle the fur on this toy one day, to see how that changes things!

Now that I’m in the home stretch I wanted to start posting these daily. The previous studies can be found here.

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