100 Starts – Number 87

Number 87 of my 100 Starts project
Number 87 of my 100 Starts project

This gourd has been the subject of a couple of other Starts, but I’m never that crazy about painting it. I always feel a little bad, like it’s this unwanted object sitting on my still life shelf. Today I gave it one more chance and still didn’t love it. I do like the colors I mixed for it though and there’s a good sense of light shining across the setup.

So I release you, gourd! You don’t have to be the subject of a half-hearted painting any longer, lol. Now I’m wondering…can you cook a gourd in an Instant Pot??

I want to get back to being more generous with my paint mixing and application, putting down bold strokes, and leaving the strokes be. I’ll be working more specifically on brushwork in the coming months, but today was a tiny move toward that goal.

Getting closer to number 100! I won’t finish by the end of 2018 which I’ve totally accepted. I heard a great reminder in a podcast recently to go easy on yourself when you don’t reach an outcome goal by the end of the year because the next day will come, and it can just continue then :)

Now that I’m in the home stretch I wanted to start posting these daily. The previous studies can be found here.

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