100 Starts – Number 84

Number 84 of my 100 Starts project
Number 84 of my 100 Starts project

I upped the ante with today’s Start! Instead of doing one shoe I did a pair, which at first didn’t sound like it would be much more difficult…but it was. Or I should say more difficult to do in the brief amount of time I was aiming for. If I really wanted to do a painting of these I would definitely need to build in more time to get the proportions accurate. Things are pretty close in this study, but the toe areas are wonky.

I didn’t attempt to paint in the laces (too much detail) but I added hints of the metal lace grommets which made it much more clear what the subject is. I wonder what it would be like to paint these shoes in sunlight, versus the lamp that’s shining on them. I think there’s a good sense of light and shadow here, but the direct light makes the subject look rather washed out.

Now that I’m in the home stretch I wanted to start posting these daily. The previous studies can be found here.

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