100 Starts – Number 79

100 Starts project Number 79
Number 79 of my 100 Starts project

When we moved into our new house over the summer I made these cute little gingham sachets and filled them with rice and essential oil blends. The essential oils have long since lost their scent, but they’re still super cute. What drew me to painting them for today’s Start was the little folds and shadows in the fabric and it’s round, ploppy little shape.

In setting the sachet up for my study, I saw just how important the direction of the light is to making it at all interesting to look at. With some lighting angles, the shape went really flat, and with other angles all of those folds and shadows became much more apparent.

A few things I did differently today:

  • sat on a stool at my easel
  • premixed 3 values of each color (greys for the paper and the yellows for the sachet)

Using the stool instead of standing made me more comfortable and less fidgety — I felt more calm and less rushed because my legs and feet weren’t hurting. It also made the sketch easier because I could set my sketchbook on the little cart that holds my palette between me and the easel.

Premixing the colors had its pros and cons. I liked that it was taking things one step at a time, and instead of mixing while painting I was able to concentrate on just that task. It was also easier to get the hues I wanted using the palette knife than how I typically do it with the brushes. But once I started actually painting the study, I saw my hues weren’t accurate which left me with the dilemma of either forging ahead anyway or going back and fixing. An easy fix will be to have plenty of test strips of paper on hand so I can do some swatching and color comparison before actually beginning to paint.

Now that I’m in the home stretch I wanted to start posting these daily. The previous studies can be found here.

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