100 Starts – numbers 71-75

Continuing my 100 Starts, based on Kevin Macpherson’s prompt…

100 Starts - Kevin Macpherson prompt - Days 71-75
Numbers 71-75 of my 100 Starts project

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Numbers 11-20
Numbers 21-30
Numbers 31-40
Numbers 41-50
Numbers 51-60
Numbers 61-70

Number 71 notes

Hrrrmmm this one was tricky. Drawing this teapot in perspective really trips me up. I painted it back at number 50 as well, and this time added some of the blue color in the glaze on the pot.

Start Number 50 on the left, Number 71 on the right

I think there’s some improvement to the shape but I can’t say I’m wild about this one. The light shapes look more interesting, so that’s something!

Number 72 notes

Was feeling very ho-hum about choosing a subject for this one…so I went with some basics and focused on colors. My favorite part is the greenish-grey on the top side of the black cube. That was an unexpected color note! I also love the low intensity yellow-green on the shadow side of the yellow bowl.

Number 73 notes

This was a fun one! I realized we still had roses in the back yard somehow (despite freezing temperatures) and thought one of them would make a great subject. One thing that worked well was doing a gesture sketch of the rose before going to the panel to paint. That really helped me get the shapes and relationships mapped out so when I went to sketch with the brush I had a good sense of where to place the colors.

I was not at all expecting to get so close to the actual intense, rich pink flower color with my red paint — but the Gamblin Naphthol red was totally amazing. I’m impressed with the versatility of this particular color because I’ve been able to bend it cooler and warmer with ease.

Number 74 notes

Originally I bought this orange to paint in a still life, but I feel a cold or something coming on. So I had to sacrifice it. But the peels were actually more interesting than painting the whole orange would have been. I set them up with a different perspective than I’ve been using, so it’s more of a top-down angle. The orange against the brown was a treat to paint because the neutral background helps make the color of the peel really vibrant.

Number 75 notes

I had to take a week away from my 100 Starts project to work on a large custom sewing order for a lucky little pup in Arizona and was finally able to get back to it today. And I don’t know if it was the week away and out of the flow state, or if this was just a tricky subject, but this one was brutal! The drawing gave me a lot of trouble, and then when I started blocking in the dark shapes the dried leaf was just not making any sense, visually. I’m sure it was because I was looking at it like a leaf too much, and not a series of shapes relating to each other. The pinecone looks OK from a distance, but it was really hard to know when to stop and how detailed to get.

I considered saving them to do again another day but I don’t know if it’s really in line with what I want to be learning right now…or, put another way: if I do another study of either of these, I need to find a way to greatly simplify them and paint them impressionistically or apply what I’ve been learning in The Painterly Approach by Bob Rohm or Kevin Macpherson’s landscape books.

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