Cloud exercise in acrylics

acrylic cloud study

I’ve been watching lots of instructional videos on painting with acrylics (well, painting in general) and in one of them the artist demonstrated painting dark rain clouds over a mountain scene. The trick to making this easier with acrylic paint was to put down a layer of retarder first. I used inexpensive canvas paper and my Silver Brush Grand Prix brushes, which I’m completely loving.

The cloudy sky was so much fun to paint that I kept going and completed the scene with a simple mountain shape in the distance. I used what I’ve been learning about landscape painting and made it cooler in the distance and warmer in the foreground. And this canvas paper has a slightly creamy tint to it which is peaking through in some spots. It made me want to do another study with a pale yellow toned ground.

It was a great lesson in something that’s easy for me to forget when learning something new: it’s really fun to paint!

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