Sketching animal faces: cow

Daily Art 08-02-2018 sketch of a cow
Reference image from Pixabay

What is it about cows that are so delightful to draw or paint? I think it’s the chunky features, and those ears. Something about the way the ears come off the side of the head like that…I also really like the way shadows fall on them, being outdoors in the sun and all. I included a bit of simple shading on this sketch to suggest the form.

I pulled out my little handbook travelogue sketchbook for this one. It’s one I had put away awhile back, and during the move totally forgot I even had it. I always liked the way pencils felt on the tooth of this ivory paper. And flipping through it reminded me of my water soluble drawing pencils, too. I should get some of those out to play around with for these animal sketches! There are just far too many options in my supplies cart, lol.

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